The Founder

Founder Pierre-Jean Touboul is Professor of Neurology at Bichat University and Hospital in Paris, France. He received his training in medicine at the University of Paris VI, and subsequently completed his specialty training in Neurology at the Salpétrière Hospital in Paris.

PJ Touboul’s research interests are in the areas of atherosclerosis and stroke. In particular, he is interested in imaging of early atherosclerotic as intima media thickness and plaque in the carotid arteries and the information this can provide for the cardio vascular event prediction. He has published over 60 papers on these topics in peer-reviewed journals, and he served as Principal Investigator for both the PARC (Paroi artérielle et risque cardio-vasculaire) and PI² (Plaque Intima-media and Inflammation) studies and collaborate to many others in the field of secondary prevention of stroke disease.

PJ Touboul is a member of the French Society of Neurology, Past-President of the French Society of Neurosonology, and a Fellow of the American Heart Association, and he has served on the editorial boards of Stroke , Cerebro Vascular Disease Journal and the Journal of Hypertension.

He applied the computing techniques developed during clinical trials to IMT’s flagship cardio ultrasound software product, M’Ath, which stands for measurement of atherosclerosis. PJ Touboul is widely published in the medical community and has more than 25 years of experience with cardiovascular disease and Imaging techniques.

PJ Touboul started working on a prototype for the software about sixteen years ago and the business side of Intelligence in Medical Technologies (IMT) was created in 2002 to promote quantification in Imaging techniques.

M’Ath software and NeurInfarct complete ultrasound and MRI analysis of arterial wall and brain infarction respectively.