Intelligence in Medical Technology offers products and services for early detection of atherosclerosis and enhanced prediction of brain infarction growth at the acute phase of Stroke.
M’Ath Software, a dedicated software for Intima media thickness, Plaque, Stenosis measurements is used by sonographers in
research and practice and Corelabs in clinical trials. The video analysis allows IMT measurements in diastole without EKG.
Neurinfarct is a validated tool for evaluation of brain Infarction growth at the acute phase of Stroke.

We provide Micro Ultrasound devices with high performance allowing ambulatory diagnosis of carotid and femoral disease.
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Our company has 15 years expertise in carotid ultrasonography and Central reading activities in carotid ultrasound trials.

Do not hesitate to call our consultant for the drafting of a protocol on vascular imaging.
We also offer training to sonographer for carotid ultrasound practice and measurements.