Central Reading and CoreLab Activities

Vascular Imaging techniques tremendously improved  during these last 5 years. It is now easy to measure very small structures as carotid, femoral or btrachial wall thicknesses or small plaques areas. Nevertheless it is essential to decrease  centers variability and improve the power of large multicentered trials to harmonize data collection and centralize data processing.

1-Objective : Reading of data acquired by one or more investigator ; the data has been priorly collected and procedures used   to exclude human bias.

2- Procedures: The organization of the logical chain of acquisition , transfer and processing of medical images or videos involves at each stage steps of security and quality management conditions which are mandatory to the successful completion of clinical trials.

Thanks to our secure space, we provide investigators with a remote real time transmission service for Data that can be reread by our experts or sent to experts of your choice. This SaaS application is time and cost efficient by reducing data transmission, monitoring and management times, and allowing transmission ad reception of scans processing. Anonymisation and encryption of all the Data contributed to HIPAA compliance.

Our web application M’AthCloud®  allows :

  • Data centralisation on a secured server HIPAA compliant.
  • Online rereading of IMT and plaque area of carotid or peripheral arteries
  • Remote center monitoring of patient inclusions and data acquisition

For more information go to the ipsocloud.com or contact us at support@iimt.fr or Call us at +33 1 457 811 11